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    Maybe we could resolve all this with a Throwdown? Delucia has a school in Mass and I know that a throwdown was held in Mass once. The school would be the PERFECT place for such a gathering. It would be the first Throwdown to have a pro fighter present, and it would allow Bullshidokas to finally to come to Delucia and say what they have to their face. sounds like a plan?

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    Originally posted by JasonDeLucia
    DO MO
    Ite romanized DOMO not DO MO. Thats like writing THA NK Y O U instead of THANK YOU.

    I can't believe the crap you guys have said. I'd like to see you read this stuff to Jason in person.
    Not being an asshole but Jason is still just a man. He holds no authority over anyone here. I would say whatever I want to his face. If I am willing to type it here I will say it to your face. PERIOD! This is an internet

    The intiatal thing that started this was someone JOKINGLY calling him a FUCKING PANSY with a smile. It was an obvious joke if he can't take that than tough titty. This is not a FORMAL setting were we need to put on airs. This is BULLSHIDO if you can't take a ribbing then you don't need to be here, it doesn't matter who you are. If you want to talk get that way why don't we show more respect to pple who TRULY deserve it. We have guys here who are in IRAQ, AFGAHNASTAN, and partroling our boards so we can sit here is discuss something that really don't matter in the great scheme of things. THEY have more right to throw a hissy fit about respect than a professional pugilist. Get my point!

    With that said I do respect Jason's accomplishments but get a sense of humor. You can be a badass fighter but still come of as a prick, take Omega for example.
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