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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    So , what happened ?

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    It was good.

    Denny Keech and Brad Souders held forth with some bitchin' technique. The two of them make me wish I was 30 again. (Pre-hip surgery) the two of them really are great instructors and really great people. The info they put out was worth a pot of gold !

    THEN everyone rolled. It was all good. Thank god, there were no dick-heads, no dumb attitudes.
    There was a real good buzz in the room. We had kids as young as 12, and geezers like me. But everyboby took something home.

    I was hoping you (djimbe) could have made it....i missed the sight of your rather large-self tosssing guys about like they were dollies!

    But I will keep doing this, as often as I can, and until people stop coming. So get yourself to the next one!

    It was a fine day.

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