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    I'm just glad I have my Lucky-Astrology-Mood-Watch to guide my every waking moment. Thanks to that, and mt Magnetic Genital Cuff, I am not afraid of any disasters- natural or man-made.

    And if I remember correctly, I got these 100% authentic life enhancing tools from a guy who sent me an email saying he was a Time Traveler... or maybe they came free with a Tae Bo tape...
    I really need to stop drinking...

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    Right... I studied Geology for 4 years, but that was a long time and a lot of beer ago. The magnetic pole shifts every few hundred thousand years. The poles naturally move in an orbit around the geographical poles in the order of tens of thousands of years. This is probably due to the spin of the earth being slightly off center to its orbital plane. When the poles switch suddenly (in the order of tens of years) the most that will probably happen to the planet is a slight wobble that may cause some temporary climatic problems. Or it might result in a new inclination to the plane of orbit and we all die horribly.
    Disclaimer - All of the above has no scientific basis apart from some stuff I remember learning 14-18 years ago, and some stuff I've read in New Scientist since then, which I may have gotten wrong.
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    Time travel is possible. If you travel at 99999.9 MPH for 2 years 68 years would pass on earth. Its a one way ticket though.

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    That's not time travel. Your time reference hasn't changed one bit - someone else's has. Thus, I'd say you're merely experiencing a different local time reference. Just beacuse you haven't aged as much as your friends on earth doesn't mean you travelled back or forward in time. In fact, you just wasted 2 years of your life, and 68 years of experience with the people you love. :)

    As far as the pole shift shearing off the atmospher and killing all life, that's just ridiculous. Given that life has existed on this planet for billions of years, and the poles have shifted hundreds, if not thousands of times, it's a fair bet to say we'll still be around.

    I'm thinking now that a supervolcano underneath Yellowstone park will wipe out north america, throw the economics of the world into a tailspin, and most people will starve.

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