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    Aelius submitted our latest article. Here's a snippet:

    How does someone like the unfortunate M.J. Harday end up paying a bogus black belt instructor for instruction? Surely there are safe guards to prevent such things happening? You’d like to think so wouldn’t you?

    The public assumes, because I've had numerous conversations with people about the subject, that all UK black belt instructors/club owners have to:

    a) Pass some major examination to qualify as an 'MA teacher'
    b) Be vetted by some all-seeing MA body to ensure that they are suitably qualified and ‘socially’ safe

    Read it here

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    Summary: There should obviously be more regulations enforced. 8/10 i think...
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    In Florida, I remember hearing about some law that makes it illegal to adopt titles and degrees with the intention improperly use them in business. Probably intended for titles like "Dr." and "Esq.", could probably apply to martial arts too.

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