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I may do that, or have a local gunsmith that I trust do it. Not going Zenitco for my Draco though. That thing is getting the full retard Amerikanski tactical timmy treatment and will trigger all the Rusophiles on the internet at the same time. Going with the Sig adjustable 1913 side folder, RS Regulate or SLR AK handguard/gas tube, Magpul k2 grip, kns adjustable gas piston, possibly alg akt for trigger, Krebs Custom Ambi safety, Master Mount side rail, RS regulate optics rail, trijicon MRO, tromix charging handle, already have the dead Air wolverine suppressor so I'll go with that, ferro concepts slingster or maybe the heavy ass Viking tactics 2 point since this thing will be a hoss.

And then I'm going to use it in local 2 gun matches. Unironically.
Hell yeah. ivantactical.com is a great source for modern Russian AK bits if you want some other ideas.