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    Pahuyuth - Thai Flavoured German Cult

    There is a strange German martial arts cult from Berlin that has been incessantly spamming quite a few of the martial arts Facebook groups I am in. They take the traditional name of 'Pahuyuth' and from their own description started as a Muay Thai studio in the mid 70's (and according to them, the first). They claim to have the only authentic knowledge of the traditional South-East Asian martial arts and a true ancient lineage - constantly trashing all teachers of Muay Boran and similar in Thailand yet unable to clarify their story in anything more than a few vague paragraphs. A certain Sascha Supastrapong (seemingly son of the owner Santhas Supastrapong) has been providing an absolutely constant flow of entertainment, yet the worrying part is the number of people that actually take his claims to heart and the constant number of students the school seems to bring in. The school has many videos available over Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Pahuyuth/), Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChy...7BWI7_6ZKZJ3Gw) and their official English website (https://pahuyuth.com/en/?fbclid=IwAR...Es-Ofhwt5YrWhk).

    First I was exposed to a traditional foot initiation which consisted of some beautiful technical sparring.

    Then I was introduced to the world's most brilliant knife defences from the owner himself, a stunning reverse elbow being of note.

    I liked what I was seeing, but I really wanted something with a more ancient flavour. Ling Lom 'Air-Monkey Fighting' had me covered.

    But the grand prize has to go to the Son. His grace and precision with the deadly traditional weapon known as the Thai Scarf is awe inspiring.

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    Not watching the Videos, but I refuse to train at any place that doesn't call it Siamese Boxing, and for that matter if your at a Judo place that doesn't call the techniques "tricks" your lame
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    Yes, the whole pahuyuth thing is a fraud and a scam. Sunthus the father claimed to be a Muay Thai champion and a master of five different thai arts. When called out, he refused to name the teacher or teachers who taught him as well he never fought so how could he be a champion? In Thailand, anywhere you go you will hear them called a fraud who sell belts and ranks.


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