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    Quote Originally Posted by goodlun View Post
    Just stopped on in to see if anyone here was talking about this.
    While I agree its very unlikely that it will pass, its concerning.
    No, it's not. Passing or concerning.

    It's Virginia, dude. Sometime let me tell you the story about how they ousted a King set to take their money and rifles. Twice.

    That said, I already have a plan to move all my guns to New Jersey, if SB16 passes. Land of the free and all.
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    '“I am no advocate of passivity,” Coffin Mott said in an 1860 speech. “Quakerism, as I understand it, does not mean quietism. The early Friends were agitators; disturbers of the peace; and were more obnoxious in their day to charges, which are now so freely made, than we are.”'

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