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    Lewis Clarke fake brown belt

    Lewis Clarke is self promoting to BJJ Brown Belt.
    He also had stripes on his purple belt which he put on him self.

    He is now trying to run Clarke MMA & fitness in Edlington where he is miss representing himself and I dont think it is right for him to be teaching when he hasn't earned his grades.

    He is telling numerous people he beats Marc Diakaise, Jack Grant, Jamie Foulding etc which is all pure lies and will lead to him being beat up badly.

    I have proof of everything stated and I will put the pictures in the thread.

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    Sherdog has him listed as training under the Ryan Gracie umbrella.

    Facebook page definitely shows him in a brown belt.

    It looks like he trains at Hamma on a regular basis. Perhaps you are just not aware of his promotion? I'm anxious to see your proof.

    It appears that his black belt is Tony Bebbington:

    Not sure who that black belt is, but look at the crisp new belts - that's a promotion picture. The blue belt is Sean "Hamma" Martin.

    Here's a photos of, I believe, Bebbington w/ Rickson Gracie circa 2013:


    So, that's a pretty solid lineage, if it stands up. Like I said, I'm anxious to see what you have.


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