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    Quote Originally Posted by PDA View Post
    Waited until after their movie career had started to slow or they had collected their Oscar or until it became fashionable.

    I view what happened in the world of celebrity and what goes on in everyday work places differently and find it a little cynical one pretending to be the same as the other .
    I suspect there are two types of casting couches in Hollywood.

    One is exploitative.

    The other is transactional, like any other exchange of goods as a bribe, or sales gift to gain advantage over competitors, or entry - and is fully consensual. In fact, it may be exploitative in the other direction.

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    #metoo got turned into a Hollywood psyop to distract from a problem that is worse within Hollywood than almost anywhere else. All the people that went down there were c-listers. Weinstein was by far the most vulnerable of the moguls and I highly doubt he was the most depraved.

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