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    '“I am no advocate of passivity,” Coffin Mott said in an 1860 speech. “Quakerism, as I understand it, does not mean quietism. The early Friends were agitators; disturbers of the peace; and were more obnoxious in their day to charges, which are now so freely made, than we are.”'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tramirezmma View Post
    Mods, move or delete my response if you'd be so inclined, I don't want to **** up Ev's thread.

    Dr. G, these are some Breitbart worthy shitty takes. I'm going to be super charitable and assume you are either just stirring the pot or uneducated on trans issues and the process of a child actually coming to be on puberty blockers. Article 3 is just a pretty silly hot take, but not as morally bankrupt as the second.

    Please take the time to do the research yourself, as it would appear you absolutely need to educate yourself.
    In any case, none of that is any of your business.

    I offered Evergray a paid writing commission to explore the issues of aggressively "treating" young children with anti-depression pills, ritalin, etc and hormones, not you.

    You are shitting up the thread.

    I am actually quite educated on issues with the transgender population.

    Telling people to go educate themselves when you don't understand the context of their points just makes you seem silly, and uneducated yourself.

    I am extremely skeptical of the general trend in America to replace active parenting, and activities, with putting young children on anti-depressants, ritalin, hormones, etc, instead of taking activity based approaches, combined with active parenting,

    just as I am skeptical of over-dosing young children excessively with religion or psychology or other ideologies that may interfere, rather than help children to become well adjusted adults.

    But, again, if you have concerns about those lines of research being pursued, take it up on another thread.

    Edit: I have created another thread in the General Forum and Science area for you to voice your further dissenting views, if you feel the need to so.
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