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Little man, have another Claw and pay attention. I am professionally trained in regional and national incident command. As in NIMS.

Not to mention the entire electromagnetic radiation spectrum. As if we didn't have to add international RAN protocols. I have actually made working transmitters and receivers by hand. I can design high gain antennae that look vaguely like your goofy face.

You are the guppy in this conversation. Lol, "depth". You can't even fathom mine.
Don't you work for a mobile phone carrier? Tell us more about your NIMS training.

My intructor for Advanced Circuits and Components as well as AM/FM radio was the lead engineer for the lunar rover radio. I worked daily with the RF Engineers for a decade while with the second largest maker of radio remote controls in the world. Including designing antenna. Didn't make my dick big.

The topic was what happens when there's com blackouts. Then you appeared. As usual.