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    Dragon Martial Arts, SA (TX).

    Hey guys, first post/thread on the website. Is anyone familiar with the school Dragon Martial Arts in the city of San Antonio, TX?

    I'm trying to find a good school for Wing Chun or Silat in the city, and sifu Leal has trained in both styles. These days they only teach WC with lineage from Leung Ting. I want to verify that this is not a McDojo. Their fees are relatively high, there's no informative reviews online, and they charge for a trial lesson. Not to mention all the bad rep Leung Ting gets in the Wing Chun world. Any opinions on this school?

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    Hello, lixsussk. I moved this thread and your other thread from MABS into the Traditional forums.

    Please refrain from creating multiple accounts. Please also return to your original account. After a short period, I will be preventing this second account from future posts.

    Regards, and good luck.

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    Apologies, for some reason the other account wasn't letting me log in. Since I created my account today, I just created another one to be able to post. Anyway, both seem to work now, feel free to delete this one.


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