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    Quote Originally Posted by W. Rabbit View Post
    There are only so many compartments. Eventually some of it has to be let go.
    Definitely. It’s just hard sometimes to let go of the stuff you don’t want and keep the stuff you do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by It is Fake View Post
    I was specific and now you raised an entirely different issue. Yes, your example and mine are two different things. It is called parsing, which is my point.
    I guess I misinterpreted your post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by battlefields View Post
    Justice prevails, although I cannot for the life of me understand how the **** the judge allowed Castle Doctrine to be considered.

    I'm an advocate for the Castle Doctrine laws, we don't have them here so were someone to break in to my house I'd have no legal defence for my actions, meaning I'd literally have to become even more of a criminal due to having to mess with the scene of a crime, dispose of a body unlawfully, and any number of other things that would be related to having to conceal the death of someone on my property.

    But using Castle Doctrine as a legal defence against someone whose house you were in is retarded. And the way this was framed, like he was somehow just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    Nah, I reckon she was gunning for the dude, maybe he had heavy shoes or was moving furniture all the time, but I reckon she had it in for him and she had got some ball balls after several "arrests"/ illegal searches/ kicking in doors without a warrant that she thought the PD would have her back, then turned all "oh, I'm the victim because I was tired from all the work I do for the city."

    Looking forward to the sentencing.
    Nah whenever there is a question between whether someone was an idiot or a malicious genius.

    It is always idiot.
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