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    Benchmade SOCP dagger, opinions please.

    Knife guys. Opinions/thoughts on the Benchmade SOCP dagger. Thanks.


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    The SOCP dagger is really well thought out from sheath to blade. It is made from kind of crappy steel so don't expect it to stand up to hard use, or be useful for much other than what it is designed specifically for: SOCP style self defense that you use to create distance so you can get your firearm into the fight.

    I wouldn't use it for prying. And I hope you know how to fight with it. I looked at one but went with a Toor Serpent because it has a lot more general utility and prying use and takes up about the same space on my plate carrier. Also I like nice things.

    ETA: If for some reason you just have to have a stabbing knife, I would strongly suggest looking at the Colonel blades line of fixed blades and folders, since a total dumb dumb could use them effectively if they needed to.
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