"Hurr durr **** Steven Crowder I am anti hate speech so hahaha this fucking great fucking stupid fascists bigot hate mongers with their stupid faces but this isn't censorship they're welcome to go to another platform and plus its just making the videos of hate speech not be able to make money so it's not censorship and hahaha if those people can't make content anymore they will have to do something else hahaha because this is their income stream hahaha yeah go google and facebook and youtube yeah get rid of people who have different opinions cause they spread hate speech" - some of you dumb cunts, I'm sure.

Anyway, Vox douchebag and gay guy Carlos Maza (only bringing up his sexuality cause he brings it up) is a little bitch who whined that Steven Crowder was inciting hate, fucking weak ****, but anyway, either in the worst timing (according to Philip De Franco) or in a targeted punishment, YouTube demonetised Crowder's channel, alongside many others. I find the PDF version to be nonsense, as I could understand one or two "coincidences", but when they happen every time the internet blows up about something and suddenly these big organisations have these amazingly far reaching and devastating "policy updates", I'm calling flat out HORSESHIT.

Anyway, blah blah capitalism, blah blah, have a whinge, I understand, you think you're on the right side of history because YouTube is going to be killing off Nazi channels, and making it harder for morons to access videos made by other morons regarding vaccinations and flat earth, etc. I mean, it is pretty commonly accepted that you hide the real **** you want to do under "good ****", that's why feminists put in quotas on management boards under the precept of ensuring "equality", so roping the demonetisation of numerous accounts that are critical of anything related to progressive politics to "taking down Nazis" is now par for the course. It's expected.

Just know that fascism is ushered in by these cheers and implemented by the implicit acknowledgement that this type of **** is okay. YouTube is going to become a sanitised waste station of corporate content and creators with approved opinions, and once they have cleansed the platform, the next target will be the ugly pockets of the internet that have sprung up, silo'd, extreme, with a sense they are being silenced and an angry demeanour. Then it will be a case of Google and Facebook simply taking on the totalyl altruistic role of being the internet's "neighbourhood watch" and yay, the government doesn't need to restrict anything, they'll do it for them!

"They don't gotta burn the books, they just remove the link" - Bulls On Parade, Rage Against The Machine (2019 updated version).