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You’re falling under the same trap as ccamara, Muay Thai itself was novel to the fast majority of non Thai people and kick boxers until around the mid 2000s.

but if you want a great place that specializes in really hammering home proper technique then.


This is the best gym I visited when it comes to teaching technique and taking time really with trainees. Everyone is really is great; especially Phone. There is a cool waterfall nearby to go swimming in, surrounded by some beautiful scenery.

As for weapons you would have to dig around for a good kali school, I know they have them there.

Your not going to learn anything secret or deadly while your there. If your going to train in Thailand; go there to experience the culture, country and people first. If those things have no appeal to you, your waisting your time going.
culture, country, places and food are definitely on the agenda. I've actually made a list of places I want to see. Training would only be part of a visit tbf