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    Quote Originally Posted by Permalost View Post
    I've told you my lineage so many times- an instructor and a sifu!
    You'd think a 5th generation disciple of Wong Fei Hung trained in Brazilian, Filipino, Thai, and Japanese MA would get less grief on Bullshido.

    Nope, same butthurt different day. /Yawn.

    '“I am no advocate of passivity,” Coffin Mott said in an 1860 speech. “Quakerism, as I understand it, does not mean quietism. The early Friends were agitators; disturbers of the peace; and were more obnoxious in their day to charges, which are now so freely made, than we are.”'

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    Quote Originally Posted by W. Rabbit View Post
    Yes, it is.No, you haven't, and no, I wasn't.We're done here, unless you want to keep shitting on other people's FMA experiences. Knock yourself out, guro.
    Did you have tears in your eyes when you typed that? Are you going to PM a mod now? Do you need assistance?

    You gotta have experience first for me to dump on it.
    I'm not shitting on your (non existent) lineage.
    I'm shitting on you, rabbit.
    Shitting right on YOU.

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