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I have a collection of hand cuff keys.
So do it. But, funny story. My wife keeps the key to a set of cuff I have, on her key ring. Just because she thinks its funny to have it on there. And then I have one on my key ring. One time we were out of town going on a cruise and we had a friend staying at our house to take care of the dogs. Well, he decided to go through some of our drawers and found a pair of cuffs. He thought it would be funny to put them on. So he put them on both hands in front of himself. They are cuffs that have a hinge connecting them rather than chain. So really tight together. Well, AFTER cuffing himself, he decided to find the key. lol! Well, we have the keys and we were on a cruise. So he called and called but no cell service in the cruise.

So he tried picking them, which he found out isn't as easy as they make it look on TV. Then he started calling around to people. No one had a key. So he finally calls his ex-wife who remembers that there is a sheriff that goes to the church she goes to. She gets in contact with him, my friend drove to his house, and he let him out of the cuffs.

When we got back to the US we had multiple, hilarious voice mails on our phones. We still talk about that, to this day when he comes over.