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    Quote Originally Posted by Crafty Dog View Post
    A few thoughts I have about the FBB (forehand, backhand, backhand) series 64 possible combos of which the Heaven and Earth patterns are two examples:

    a) Consider the possibility that they are really mirror images of three counts i.e. that that third motion really is meant to carry through (lob tick, or slash in DBMA terminology) instead of witik/jabbing as is done for purposes of getting to the other side for purposes of the drill.

    b) As I see things, rhythmically speaking Kali is in 6/4 time signature i.e. where most folks operate in 4/4 Kali operates in triplets (three strikes to their two). So what is the meaning of Heaven Three? While certainly it is a combo of many meanings, I suspect the most likely is this: The first motion is to meet the force, the second to hit the hand, and the third to strike into the void opened by so doing-- hence the relevance of a) above.

    c) In the "Tricky 21" of our Dos Triques material (which is double stick), the combo looks like a Heaven 3, but it has one important difference-- the first motion is to take out the near stick and the second motion is to block the power blow of the rear stick. For this purpose H3's chamber of the second hand under the first arm not only is not bio-mechanically sound for a power block (remember its purpose there is a half beat hand hit) it also tends to arrive late-- meaning the forearm/wrist/hand get fully whacked by the power blow-- bummer!

    The solution is to chamber the second hand on its own hip and to power block in a way that keeps the hand out of the opponent's strike zone.

    Because this is so similar to H3 it can be a real challenge for many people to add this to their repertoire and they revert into H3.
    I've worked through the Dos Triques material a few times. I haven't seen this explained this way before, though. Your explanation is really well written, I can totally visualize what you are talking about. I'll work on it this weekend and add that to my game. Of course without telling my training partners. Surprise! :D
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    Heh heh, and thank you DC.

    As I reread what I wrote I realize I forgot to add one more thing:

    The primary concept of H3 is a double stick combo against one stick. As shown in our Dos Triques DVD if the opponent has two (and if I understand correctly, the conventional wisdom for many in the Philippines is precisely that one is better than two) with one in front (jabbing, shielding/warding off, probing, etc) and one in back (typically the I'm gonna mess you up Caveman strike) the H3 combo can still be used if one accounts for the front stick.

    There is a four count combo from GM Ramiro Estalilla's Kabaroan Eskrima which begins chambered just as H3 does but has a backhand jab as a preface to the H3. If that jab accounts for the opponent's front stick then H3 can be used.

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