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    I'm glad they're getting kicked out. Those dummies are intent on providing the neo-nazi set with their own personal Reichstag Fire.

    Martin Luther King Jr got it right. Show up in your Sunday best, make sure the cameras are rolling, link hands with concerned members of the community and give an appealing positive alternative of reason to the mob chaos both to the local attendees and the evening news.

    These racism club assholes want more than anything to start some mob violence and they'll get down to it shortly wherever they congregate if they feel like they have the numbers. So if you show up like a concerned citizen with a smile of Christian benevolence those nazi-nazis will still start violence but the difference is they will get slaughtered in the press. Showing up armed and/or looking like an idiot throwing beer bottles and yelling obscenities only helps the nazi idiots because their evil is diminished in the eyes of observers.

    Politics are won by PR.

    As bad as what happened to Heather Heyer was, if she'd have been in a group of people that looked like they just came from church then the news media would have flipped out even worse and little old grandmas and grandpas would have been a lot less inclined to sympathize with "Both sides". An integrated group of concerned citizens being lead by the likes of someone akin to Father James Martin would have made a much more powerful statement.

    See, you can't beat a good idea into a person's head no matter how hard you hit them but you can shame them to death in the eyes of the world and they'll crawl away into a hole and die all on their own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bneterasedmynam View Post
    Who would you have preferred to face the Nazis?? To all his faults at least he wasn't a *****.
    He was duly elected, and no, he wasn't a *****. Never wrote he was. Lots to admire about him too.
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