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    So I swung by his dojang today, since I was in the area. I snapped some pictures of his "taekwondo certifications". Totally BS, no? Where my TKD ppl at?

    Also, his judo lineage, from what he tells me, is from a Joseph Connelly, along with some random taekwondo dudes who happen to be high ranking judo guys too in DC and somewhere else (I forget). Judo guys, does this ring any alarm bells?

    He also proudly showed me his supposed Korea Hapkido Federation dan certificate, which was completely bogus, because the KHF has been using the same dan certificates for at least 20 years and it didn't look like it, had no picture or dan serial number, and had his name hand written. When I showed him a picture of my dan certificate from the same era (his "6th dan" certificate he showed me was dated 1998, my 1st dan was from 1996), he said "well, I attended a master's course in the US alongside the current US KHF president so my hapkido credentials are legit"

    I'm worried because this guy is trying to get legit dojang charters from actual organizations (US chungdokwan charter and 7th dan is his goal for this year, from what he told me) and who knows what kind of trouble that might cause?
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