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    World Open Wing Chun Competition

    Hello, bullies.

    I have just found out about the first "World Open Wing Chun Competition", to be held in nov. 29 - dec. 3 in Foshan, China. This championship is part of the 2018 IWUF event calendar, which I believe is the biggest Wushu/kungfu organization in the world, recognized by the IOC and everything.
    There are some videos on YouTube of a certain Ip Man Cup 2012, in exactly the same city this WOWCC will be held. Maybe this year's event is similar to that.

    I admit I'm a bit curious about what will be shown this year. Since "the" Tai Chi vs. MMA video, some CMA, including Wing Chun, have been heavily criticised in my local martial arts community, and I believe the same happened in many other places/countries.

    Maybe this might have had a positive impact on how chunners regard sparring, so maybe we'll get to see some nice fights.

    Maybe not.

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    It is great that these competitions go on.
    Traditional Chinese martial are awesome and it is a need to go on.

    In practised Wing Chun for a while too


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