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    The SBG's crazy monkey style involves actually placing your hands flat on your head. It's great for MMA. For more info, use the search function - I don't feel like debating its effectiveness again.
    "I'm offering straight punch, kick while downed to the ribs or head, and of course- the german suplex...which is one suplex quickly followed by another." - Guerilla Fists

    Matt Thornton explains "aliveness":

    West Wind Karate / West Wind Bok Fu / West Wind Kung Fu thread
    West Wind Karate / West Wind Bok Fu / West Wind Kung Fu archive thread
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    I like to keep my hands at chin/mouth level to protect my head but not too close or I'll feel like it will be telegraphing my punches, ie farther distance/longer time from fist to target. lead hand about 18 inches away from face, back hand about six. I also like to keep my elbows down to protect the body.
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