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People weren't just mad because he was a kid. People were mad because Zimmerman followed him around then shot him and got acquitted on self-defense. Philando Castille wasn't a kid and people got mad about him too. Michael Brown wasn't a kid and there were riots about him getting shot.
People do stupid things all the time.

He shot the kid after the kid jumped him and was putting some ground and pound on him on the concrete. That constitutes a lethal threat, therefore lethal force was justified.
The choice that led to young Mr. Martin's death was his own and had nothing to do with Zimmerman "following him" or any other actions other than his own choice to attack someone.

Time and again prosecutors fail to secure convictions on these issues because, like in this case, like in the Michael Brown shooting, like in the Terence Crutcher case, like in the Freddie Gray case, the truth is far more complicated than "White cop kills black man".