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    Quote Originally Posted by Guird View Post
    Fair enough, he certainly messed up himself, and If he's not totally new then the instructor probably wasnt too busy protecting him from himself. It's just that if he was new to BJJ, an instructor rolling with him should be prepared for him to do something stupid, though of course they might still fail to protect the noob from themselves despite their efforts.
    Their is only SO much one can do. Heck I have a pretty high level grappler hurt himself while rolling with me cause I did something unexpected. Its just **** can happen when you have two bodies colliding. Its silly to think just because someone is an instructor, brown belt, black belt, or what ever to be able to be perfect at all times.
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    My opinion is that, while instrucors should in general be able to not harm noobs, some times accidents will just happen.

    A butterfly sweep, for what I can understand, is a pretty harmless movement by itself, so it doesn't sound as if the instructor was going overboard.

    If someone plays basket in a gym, stumbles and hurts his arm, I don't think he would fault the instructor.
    The OP was doping a martial art so there is a sort of assumption of violence, but it sounds like it was just a simple accident like my example of stumbling playing basket, expecially because a butterfly sweep isn't a dangerous movement.
    This kind of accidents can happen in any situation.

    While I can't know exactly what happened, OP description doesn't show that the brown belt acted in a dangerous way.

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    No necessity to get injured doing BJJ (unless your joints give out or something).

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