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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Tzadok View Post
    Drugs and Alcohol: Letting adults adult and do what they want in their free time is one thing. Knocking back shots between rolls and taking spiff breaks in training while openly advocating heavy drinking and marijuana usage, again that is not the environment a lot of parents want their kids in, it also turns off a sizable portion of general public. .
    was kurt doing that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DCS View Post
    You mean the machist, homophobic, card carrying integralist, Helio Gracie?
    Have you heard Royce Gracie talk about women in BJJ/MMA? Hell the Royce Gracie clubs here only do gender segregated classes.

    Here I'll help you out

    Quote Originally Posted by Ming Loyalist View Post
    was kurt doing that?
    I will say I have no first hand experience. I do have friends that train(ed) with him, and that is their report on it. He also bragged about drinking and training to Anthony Bourdain in the San Francisco show.

    Personally I think there is an, until now, quiet fight for the soul of the "BJJ Lifestyle" that everyone seems to be trying to sell. On the one said you got some big names like GB, Alliance, ATOS, and UN who want to sell the clean living, work hard, healthy thing. Then on the other side you got guys like Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo who are pushing marijuana and psychedelics and who probably finally drew a definitive line in the sand with their High Rollerz tournament. I've got nothing solid, just correlation in timing, however, I do think that said tournament has a lot to do with the increase in volume about clean living.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Tzadok View Post
    Have you heard Royce Gracie talk about women in BJJ/MMA? Hell the Royce Gracie clubs here only do gender segregated classes.
    I've seen Kyra Gracie even speak of her family trying to deter her from doing so, saying that is was meant for the guys, and only started supporting her when she was becoming successful. (Extra bang behind the name probably)

    I know a few Brazilian girls here that only took up BJJ quite recently because according to them there was a stigma with girls doing it in Brazil because only Lesbiens did so. (Their words)

    GB really tries to get behind women's self defence, classes, and competition

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    I trained at an MMA (because it's a martial art now :) ) place that was located in a mall for a while. It was pretty strict as far as bowing before you got on the mat and left the mat, clean language, and even had a motto that everyone recited at the end of practice. However, we had drunk dudes show up to roll almost every day. Literally. Dudes would just walk in and be like, I want my free class. So when that happened usually my instructor would have me or one of the competing MMA guys roll with the guy. It always turned out the same way. I always thought it was funny that drunk dudes would get all brave and want to roll. Usually the guys who stayed the whole class would end up puking.

    That being said, I've got a training gym set up at my house. Many time we have had people drinking at the house and end up on the mats. But that is all friends who like to punch each other in the face. It's a little different.
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