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    Originally posted by Osiris
    A two-piece. Maybe a tankini. Singlets are so 1870's.
    "I'm offering straight punch, kick while downed to the ribs or head, and of course- the german suplex...which is one suplex quickly followed by another." - Guerilla Fists

    Matt Thornton explains "aliveness":

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    I don't know ... something from pro wrestling ... high school wrestlers should dress like Kane!

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    I think anyone that takes the time to worry if people are going to think they are gay for wearing a certain outfit during competitive sports, might be hiding something from themselves.

    I for one know it never really crossed my mind, it was in the rulebook when I was learning wrestling in highschool so we wore them and that was that.

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    lol Dochter, I dont SEEM to recall saying those things in that way exactly... oh well

    Anyhow, yeahh I suppose Ill go borrow those books from the library, maybe ask for opinions once i get that book, ask about what might work and what might not... meh, worth a shot.

    Oh yeah, guys, whoever posted that, I dont have a wrestling team at my highschool, I live in ontario, and I dont live in toronto, thus, my city sucks ass with little or no cool things to do haha
    Ahh well, its not like Im a competitive guy anyways, Im just doing it for the fun of it!
    (wonders how many losers said that before him... hopes noone can read his mind)

    haha, anyways, comments are always appreciated
    (cept dochter, him and his translating my words into 1337 talk... lol, jk)


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