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    Big Pete; damn he's a big intimidating lump of meat with good reach and the confidence that big men often have. Once he had you on the ropes he knocked crap out of you. You got some good shots on him all the same

    On the plus side I noticed your guard was a good deal tighter whilst defending, but dropped whilst kicking often, less often when punching

    Your balance whilst kicking seemed a bit wobbly

    You showed some good head movement though, so if you can follow that up with an attack you may be ableto catch him off guard

    What is Big Pete's cardio like . If I was sparring the big lump I'd try and keep out of his range, get him to chase me around till he showed signs of tiring before making a concerted attack. Alternatively get in close, clinch and take down and pray his ground game was poorer than mine

    But big, powerful guys like him are intimidating so kudos for bringing it, and kudos for shaking off the nut shot

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    Baldy; you were clearly way more confident in this round, but as a consequence your guard was not as consistent and it bought out the inner tkd-er in you with more exaggerated chopping blocks

    This was a way more balanced round and you looked good on the whole , but what the **** was the twirl at 00.05 and 01.14? That is a pet peve of mine. It looks bad and makes you vulnerable

    The sacrifice of guard for balance and power when you kicked was also apparent

    Good work keep it up

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    Read through and I'm liking the advice. I'm not sure what Pete's cardio is like. He seems in really good shape. I think my guard was really tight due to being in full survivor mode. He hits really hard even without meaning to and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid. However we both came there to do one thing and I wasn't going to let fear over come me.

    As for the bold guy. He's a nice lad though he lacks a great deal of confidence. I'm honestly hitting him at about 40% power. His guard was open a lot and he was open to a great deal of punches. I could have likely kept him on the ropes but my compassion got the better of me and we're both there to learn hence the combo for combo back and forth. Which is likely why my guard was down a lot.

    Honestly looking back at things, my guard was down with this lad because I wasn't afraid at all. My guard with the first guy was here and there because I found him on equal ground with me in terms of skill and with Big Pete my guards on tight because I'm firmly scared. Which all in all is a bad habit I need to get out of. My guard (until I get good enough to deviate for such) should be tight and on good form regardless of opponent.

    MisterMR your video was a good watch and full respect for competing.

    Detrius: You're likely right. Maybe I should just get my head down and train. Not worry too much about trying to get everything right and just work at progressing at a steady pace.

    On the bright side of all this. I'm glad that the Bullshido community knows what skill level I'm at (pretty shitty) and for better or worse a point of reference when I make daft comments on here regarding every one else's.
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    You've got good timing and weight distribution. The only suggestion I would make is this: on your back leg round kicks, pivot your front foot more. You'll be able to drive more power into the target.

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