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    Some great performances, Lyoto and John Lineker. I thought Lyoto was exemplary in his behaviour. Well done that man! Lineker was seriously wobbled but got away with it until he later was able to finish the fight. I was glad that he didn't jump in as he'd clearly KO'd his opponent.

    The weight advantage of Dern was too much at that weight and gave her a discernible and clear advantage. It seemed deliberate to me but I could be wrong.

    Nunes v Pennington was all over by the end of the 4th Round and I thought that she would have been pulled out. I then saw her turn to her coach, which seemed to confirm it but I was aghast at his comment that she should "power through". Clearly fucking nuts! Very bad advice and awful coaching management. The 5th Round was dreadful and she was pouring blood from that Nose injury. It was almost like a tap (faucet) had been turned on. The Ref was absolutely right to jump in when he did but I'd rather that Rachel had been retired on her stool at the end of the 4th. Sometimes you need a cornerman to lie to you so you in turn can raise your game. This depends on how well you know your charge and your ability to guage the tempo and temper of the contest. That said, no one needs a brave cornerman/manager. It made me think of Joe Calzaghe v Jeff Lacy in that Joe outmatched, outfought, outboxed Jeff, who needed to be rescued. His well-fed manager sitting outside the ring and close by ignored the reality and did not intervene. The result was that Lacy was ruined by that contest. Rachel should consider a new coach. She was outmatched, outfought and out of her depth. Shame on that coach for not doing the decent thing.
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    For those who missed the event;submit=Search
    Looks like all of them are there. McKensie Dern looked raggedy and chubby if I remember correctly she was way off weight again for this fight. Watching Machida Anderson Silva Vitor has me excited about the UFC again. The Lineker KO was insane Kelleher with the over hand left. Haven't yet watched the destruction of Pennington and her corners horrible decision.
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