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Wait What? Continue with your blasphemy..... that statement needs clarification.

My short list in no particular order:


Jake shields




Lovato (future champ btw imo)

Luke Rockhold


The Diaz

Dos Anjos

Honorable mention:Vinny Magalhaes, he has amazing Jiu-Jitsu but he seems to get tired from mma. I dont know what it is. I think he might hold his breath during kickboxing exchanges or something? He was(may still be?) still UFC top ten material that just had a few bad breaks.
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I've been a Mir fan as well, and he remains one of my fave heavy weights. Rodger, and his dad Mauricio have probably had the biggest impact on me. They're pressure, weight distribution, and ability to submit with the fundamentals is something I try my best to incorporate into my style as I learn.

My Professor mostly learned from those two, and Mauricio gave his coral belt to our Academy as a gift. The above is probably the most motivating things I've seen all year