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Thread: A few questions

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    Originally posted by Hannibal
    **** you too cocksuckers !!!!

    Read between the lines dipshits !!

    The points behind my post was this: (real slowly now)

    (a) Its all about time. Not all of us here have time to train 3 hours a say 5 days per week. Due to daily commitments of work and study or whatever most of us can only train 3 nights per week for a couple of hours. That being the case the martial art you do should be strenuous to give you a good workout and to expose you to harsh training.

    (b) Never said running was useless nor was weight training. Just pushing the point that weights and running is o.k if you got the time for it. Unlike you two I'm not unemplyed nor do I sit at home and sit on my ass waiting for mummy and daddy to give me money.

    (c) Martial arts is the issue here. Make martial arts the 'bulk; of your training - the basis upon which everything else is an aid to but not a substitute. o.k ?
    If you just said what you meant and meant what you said, people wouldn't have to read between the lines, now would they?

    I work 50-60 hours a week and go to school part-time, but I still find time to lift, run, and train in MA.

    I'm hardly unemployed and I don't think my dad's given me a red cent since I was 13.

    No **** martial arts is the issue, but martial arts class should make you a better fighter, where as running and lifting makes you a better-conditioned and stronger fighter.

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    Get a heart rate monitor. It seems expensive but it will teach you more about your body and train your cardio faster than anything besides a Pro Coach.

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    I'm just gonna reply before I read any of Hannibal's stuff.

    Kultra - I'm curious about your weight/height/bf% right now.
    TRy using to track your calorie needs for the day.
    "Abs are made in the kitchen" really means your diet outside of the gym is far more important to what you do in the gym/working out.

    For your abs:
    I personally don't like situps, I do the "lie on my back crunches."

    "My pal told me the rule of thumb is to jog for an hour and you can lose a pound but what if I find I can't keep up the whole hour?"
    Your endurance will increase.

    Nice article from Bunyip about running form.

    "I don't have a lot of upper body strength so pushups is a bit of a pain, I seen a few people doing them while walking past a bally's total fitness but what they did was roll on their one knee, are these still effective or will I just be wasting my time?"
    I don't get what you are trying to convey about their pushups, but what I can suggest to you for pushups is:

    1. Try to do one.......two........three. Just go for it.
    2. Try doing pushups on an easier plane, like against a wall or desk, decreasing the angle as you get stronger. (this will help your elbows too)

    "I'm exercising with lighter weights for my tendons (if I use to heavy a weight my elbows literally feel like they are about to pop out of my arm and from what I understand its from having weak tendons) should I just keep up with regular arm curls or should I do something else?"

    Keep doing it, slowly increasing poundage. And reps.
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