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    Dropping a rounded system for more specialized training?

    Ok so I'm part of a Kudo group for a while now, where we get to spar a lot in training. I am, however, considering how necessary this actually is to my progression.

    We have hard sparring, protective wear to avoid injury. Incorporates stand up, ground and pound, grappling, submissions etc and the training can be quite tough. That said, I dont feel i benefit from it in the same way as doing my other classes

    Judo: We've got Orange belts who are now UK Squad and are amazing to throw down with, even to the point their squad training nights are bringing a lot of pressure into the club and the randori has gone through the roof. This is also the only style I actively compete in and dropping Kudo could let me go to more Judo and get better.

    Karate: Quite traditional in a lot of ways, but I've got a soft spot for this class. Thankfully theres more adults to work with now so we can hit bareknuckle to get the work in.

    BJJ: We as standard, drill for 40 minutes and roll for the remainder of class in 3 minute rounds with each other. The ground fighting is great

    Kickboxing: half the class is fitness and technical, with the other half being full contact sparring, only gumshields, gloves and shins. We dont even use gradings in this class. One thing I will say is this is the class straight after the MMA and by the time I've finished the Kudo I find Im gassing near the end. Im wondering if going in fresh would help?

    The thing is, I find the Kudo/MMA to be balanced across all the systems, but theres a lack of specialization which makes me feel like I learn more in the other classes, and I joined it more for the sparring and ability to use my striking from Karate. Now that we're sparring more in other systems and there's the factor of the grading being compulsory or tough luck, Im sometimes wondering if I could drop it. Additionally, the style has a grading system where we have to attend a summer camp to progress and be assessed externally. Grades in it actually dont matter all that much to me but the fact these camps are a big financial cost for me (I work on weekends with the bulk of hours of my shifts then) and I can actually go down in the grade order for missing one makes me feel a bit less enthusiastic about the situation, especially with the camp being in the middle of the Judo competition season our club goes for

    If I did drop it however, I could do more judo and be fresher for kickboxing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jardenblack26 View Post
    Im sometimes wondering if I could drop it.
    If you're an adult, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jardenblack26 View Post
    I am, however, considering how necessary this actually is to my progression.
    It sounds like you have a nice alive club, which is a great start. The first question is, what are your goals - in other words, what does progression mean to you?

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    If I read the OP correctly, you are training in five arts? Unless you have a preexisting mastery of a few of those, I would imagine the risk of giving short shrift to one or more, or running into conflicting techniques/strategies, is extremely high.
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