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Thread: Could I fight?

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    So I've kicked it up a notch. There's an extra class on Sundays at the MMA gym for fighters, it's free too. So that puts my training ratio at 3 MMA/Grappling classes to 4 pure stand up classes (1BX,2KBX,1MT).
    Which I think slightly balances my training.

    Though I'm on holiday/vacation for a week next week. I want to pick it up a notch when I come back with some weight training for extra strength and conditioning. Most of my fitness is purely the core stuff I do at the gym, Burpees, sit ups, push ups and all that such.

    Just wandering if people here have any training advice because honestly weight training has never been my forte. I've got a set of dumbbells and that's it. Not sure if I'm going to have much time to get into a proper fitness and weight training gym with my time already being taken up to a massive degree with work.

    Also I'm going to fix my diet. I know it's only and amature fight but I want to treat it seriously and hopefully win so I want to be training harder than my potential opponent.

    Any advice I'd be grateful for.

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    I don't think you can go wrong with bodyweight exercises. Pushups, situps, pullups, burpees, etc. See also P90X, SEALFit, etc.

    Also, there are some cheap ways to get weights. Find something heavy. Water is heavy (>8 pounds per gallon). Buckets are big and cheap. Water+5gal bucket = 40+ pounds.

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