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    So I've been dealing with an arm injury as well (a touch of the ol' tennis elbow), and it sucks. My main strategy: replace what you Can't Do with more of what you Can Do.
    Being down an elbow means no grappling, no punching, no upper body lifts. Consequentially, my weight routine went from an exhaustive strength regimen to "mostly squats." I picked up Muay Thai again, with the caveat that when doing padwork, the other guy only holds for kicks and knees. I still do sword fighting occasionally, but now have to fight with my non-dominant hand.
    Staying active is as important for you mental health as for your physical. I'm sure you can find a way to keep moving without fucking up your arm any further.
    The fool thinks himself immortal,
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    Got a mate of mine who had to quit TKD because of maningacocle where his arms and legs fell off.. I spoke to him today and he is going to try his first day back.

    It is **** because there is now no way I can gripe about an injury.
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