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    I have exprrience in MMA and Shou Shu with a little southern style kung fu(keep in mind I have no real clue it was private ldssons). Would goju be a good supplemental because I know of no kyokushin dojos in louisville kentucky. I do have a goju dojo. They claim that they add other martial arts accordin to the guy I talked to which is by all rights not taken verbatum. I do have a chance to take a class and watch sparring . I like 6 day a week classes it helps with my ptsd from combat. What I don't wanna do it znd suddenly go this is horse **** because of what I have experience in. Does this make sense?

    I also understand it sounds like I am all over the place. My experience spans about 10 years this would be my first total complete system or art. So I am in uncharted waters. I like what I do and the knowledge I gain is primary but the ability to keep myself ready for any situation is a close close second. I like sparring hard. Loved MMA but it takes alot of money if you want the best training.
    when he says 'adding' other martial arts, does he mean he's throwing a lot of **** together or he teaches multiple arts, because the distinction is going to be important.

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    He teaches individual but has been known to teach other arts to a degree with regard to blocks and strikes and strikes footwork some realistic situations with hard sparring. There are no set techniques. He encourages you to create your own individual technique(best description i can think of) for every scenario and from there when it either works or doesnt you just keep going and defend with whatever you can.
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