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    I've been doing my research and you weight lifting guys were correct. I think I'm going to add a little weight training to my physical culture.

    I've been looking at benches, racks, Total Gym, Weider Body Works, home gyms, bowflex, Crossbow, Bandflex, etc. but I think I am going to settle on: DUMBBELLS

    Dumbells are safer, they are free weights for stabilizer muscle action, I can mimic punching movements and a cheap way to start. In time, I can look at Mega stuff and bench systems.

    So unless anyone can talk me out of it, I am going to buy a set of these Powerblocks:

    What do you think? About the blocks and dumbbells in general?

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    i would recommend getting dumbbells and a nice bench instead,

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    A good set of 5-50lbs in pairs would be good but would be more expensive and take up a lot more room...although I do have plenty of room in my garage.

    I like the free weight sets but who has time to keep changing plates around?

    I thought about getting 2 cheap standard set (1 bar, two dumb handles) of 110 lbs and basically have four dumbells. I could keep two of them for lighter exercises (kickbacks, flyes) and the other two for say bench and squat.

    But the powerblocks are cheaper, take up less room, and are changeable within seconds.

    Its a tough decision. Tough.


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