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    Taekwondo/Tangsoodo technical questions

    Ok so the place I work has a Chung Do Kwan school teaching and I went to check it out. Mostly teenagers and young kids, with one much older lady. I went to check out a few classes and wanted to ask a technical question that's been bugging me, and I couldnt get an answer from the instructor.

    In Takewondo/Chung Do Kwan, the back kick we were taught is to step forward onto the ball of the foot like a cat stance, but turn the foot back towards ourselves, then turn around and throw the leg out, without looking where we are aiming AND with the shoulders square so that we are facing directly backward. effectively putting you in this position

    Now I've not done much TKD, but this is a first for me. Seems a very vulnerable position to be in when your opponent can step to the side and you've lost sight of them, or worse, they see the telegraphed movement and you're offering your back. Is this normal for TKD?
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