Boxing: Roy Jones Jr. def. Scott Sigmon by unanimous decision (98-92 x3)
MMA: Max Mustaki def. Socrates Pierre by TKO at 4:18 of round 1
Boxing: Devin Cushing def. Tommy Bryant by unanimous decision (60-54 x3)
MMA: Michael Davis def. Montrel James by TKO at 2:22 of round 1
Boxing: Ikram Kerwat def. Angel Gladney by unanimous decision (80-71 x3)

Thiswas on UFC fight pass. It was also thefirst time the UFC has had a boxing match on there and this was a hybrid fightcard with MMA and boxing on the same card.This is not a new thing here in Pensacola.Roy Jones Jr. has been hosting these eventsfor a long time and they are lots of fun to go to.I’ve seen all of these guys fight in personat these events and I like the hybrid cards.Mainly because it lets you see a couple boxing fights without so manyboring ones on the card.And then itgives you some exciting MMA fights to watch in between.

Soonto the fights:

TheRoy Jones fight was one of his best fights that he has recently fought. That was largely due to the fact that he hada can in there to fight.Scott Sigmon lobbiedto get this fight and I think he probably regrets it this morning.He is 30 years old to Roy’s 49 but fightingsomeone with such low skills allowed Roy to look like he was back in his goodold days.It was entertaining and goodto see Roy go out with a win in his hometown.He has done a lot for Pensacola and never left even when he was at thetop of his game.Many people stillconsider him one of the greatest of all time.

TheMustaki vs Pierre was unfortunately stopped a little early. Pierre was legitimately rocked but was tryingto roll over when Larry Downs Jr. stopped.

Cushingvs Bryant was basically a clinic that was put on by Cushing on how to control afight, use the jab, and fight your own fight. I’ve seen him fight a few times in person and he is going to be great ifhe stays focused.He fights just likeRoy did back in the day.Which makessince due to his training.

Davisvs James ended in a TKO in the first round and was pretty entertaining towatch. Davis is a beast and is very wellrounded with a wrestling background and boxing.

Kerwatvs Gladney was a good fight and Roy Jones cornered her in her fight. She has been training with Roy for a couplemonths prior to this fight but is origionally from Germany and has a prettysuccessful career already.But she cameover to push herself and jump start her career to the next level.

Iwas hoping to see Crazy Horse fight but that fight was not aired for somereason. I’ll have to look into that.