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    Quote Originally Posted by Lordfedicus View Post
    Actually ****** I work in insurance and have for 13 years.. not exactly the area you want to argue with me.
    Can't wait to hear how you think this matters. Is your appeal to authority over your economic theory or your knowledge of actuarial science? I'd like to test either answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lordfedicus View Post
    I am fully aware of supplemental insurance... unless of course you're a senior who is enrolled in Medicare part c. There is a great example of privatization gone wrong. And even with all its limitations... Medicare is still better than o **** care... it's not even close.
    But wait you said it was a Cadillac. So now you're backpedaling and making an argument ACA > Medicare? It's not like you have any real information to provide, right? Just a little equivalence?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lordfedicus View Post
    I mention unions not because I hate them but becsuse you would be paying thousands of workers 60+ and hour in pay and benefits. That would be idiotic to keep a full electrician force in staff. Way to cherry pick... and way to display thst sound leftist monetary policy.
    That's not cherry picking anything, it's calling out a point you made and wondering why. "cherry picking" is a completely different thing, it's where you have 10 things and only show 1 thing to make a point when 9 others might contradict you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lordfedicus View Post
    Insult my politics all you want.. yours appear to consist of cognitive dissonance chi balls. How's the big stormy Daniels investigation? How is the anonymous source on "shithole" countries?
    What big Stormy Daniel's investigation. And the "Shithole countries" quote was confirmed by first hand sources, but not even remotely surprising, so why would you deny it unless it was true.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lordfedicus View Post
    Your SAFE social security.... Kys please.
    So what? Fixing SS has been a bipartisan issue for years. In fact, I can't think of anyone in either party who calls Social Security a ponzi scheme. I know a lot of other groups that do, though.

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    Let me guess: you self-identify as a libertatian, don't you, Lord?

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