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    Quote Originally Posted by W. Rabbit View Post
    It's not that hard to come by. Youtube is full of it. It's not a 1bad tactic.

    Here's what 1bad would say:

    "Chicago is a fortress of Democratic cabals that began with money hush from Marxists and George Soros (billionaire traitor Nazi lover liberal) that ended when the God Emperor Trump ripped Obama and his Deep State cronies from office. It's all there clear as crystal, Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood handlers created multiple secret torture facilities in Islam-lover Liberal Chicago, where they have more guns and violence than literally anywhere especially Texas because Muslims, and want to ultimately deploy Sharia law over the entire Midwest because Allah, which was clearly part of Hillary Clinton's diabolical plot to destroy America using Republican FBI officials like Comey and Mueller that she succubussed to her will even as they cost her the election, just in time for Trump to lance her through her illegal immigrant-loving bleeding heart. It's all because of Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Affirmative Action, and corporate taxes, superfans. Keep up, Grubers! #RussiaDoesn'tExist"

    How was that.
    Not bad 8/10.

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    The Snopes forum comments on the Chicago "black site" are fucking hilarious.

    I would like to see more details before passing judgment on it, partly exactly because it doesn't seem likely that defense attorneys would just keep quiet about it. I've seen a suggestion that it is a special use police station, not anything "off the books." It could still be true, but I would like more details and confirmation.
    "Wait, the Chicago PD?

    It must be the facilities that Special Investigations uses to help Harry Dresden fight vampires and trolls. "
    "My first thought was that it was so secret, that even Harry Dresden didn't know about it. Your idea is better - remembering what happened they put the werewolf into a regular holding cell, they obviously needed a better place. "

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