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    Amazed with this new trick

    I've been watching Judo lately, precisely since September 2017 when the World Judo Championship was held in Budapest. I was watching a Judo video (I'll upload it if I find that again), where I saw that one guy pulled out the Harai Goshi trick but his opponent stopped him in the middle of the attack. As fas I could judge, I personally feel that the guy who was defending might have stretched his one leg in front of the attacker which interrupted him from completing the move. What I'm eager to know is:

    - Is my prediction right as to how the defender stopped the attack?
    - Can Harai Goshi be dodged with the help of elbow or hand ?
    - Is there some kind of risk if either legs or arms are used to block the attack?

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    Maybe you can be a bit more specific as to what you mean. Using a hand or elbow?? I don't really see that working if the throw is applied correctly. But again be a bit more specific as to what you're talking about. The Riddler gave Batman more hints than this.


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