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    Need advice: how to help an alcoholic friend?

    I have an alcoholic friend, but she won't just acknowledge her problem. What steps should I take to help her?

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    Depends on how involved you want to get and how much risk you wish to place yourself at.

    The reason addiction is such a problem for society as a whole is precisely because helping, or even being near, addicts is a painful, potentially dangerous process that can end with all sorts of bad things happening to you as a result of your good intentions.

    So the first thing to think about is "Why do you want to help her?". Not just "because she's a friend." That won't do. You really need to sort out your own motivations.
    That will determine to what efforts you are willing to go in order to help.
    Outside of that, is this person in a life position where some societal authority figure can become involved? Teachers, parents, college administrators, police, social workers... so on.
    If so, seeking assistance in that area is a good start. If not, go back and get those motivations clear again, bring them back to us and we can go from there.

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    Step 1: Intervention type conversation. Let the person know you care about them a lot and that you don't want to see them drink their life away and not live up tot their potential. Always use words of encouragement.

    Step 2: Be there for support.

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. If your friend truly wants to get better your job of helping them won't be difficult. If they don't truly want to get better then this could end up consuming your life. You have to take care of yourself first and not be codependent etc. Some people end up suffering a great deal trying to help people that just aren't ready to take the steps to get better. Never put yourself out.


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