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    Extra spicy: Dandan with a side of IED

    Quote Originally Posted by hungryjoe View Post
    Wasn't it twentyseven killed, including the unborn fetus?

    Somebody less lazy than me on my phone care to put up another set of numbers? Abortions.
    It doesn't matter how many were killed, because scary guns!

    So, I watched these interviews, today, about the FAA employee (Dandan I think was his name, which is the same as the name of that dish I had at Pei Wei, yesterday). Dandan was in receipt of an IED that his roommate made, an alleged retaliation for some unnamed slight that occurred between roommate and an unnamed neighbor.

    The news went to the airport to interview passengers! WTF? Best case is, this is all known because FAA employee said "hey, my idiot roommate made this bomb and wanted me to turn it in for proper disposal." Worst case is, he was going to use it to blow up his ARTCC, which anyone in aviation will tell you is already well covered by more and less local protocols, including the fact that the pilots have radar and TCAS/IFF and radios and ****. Thousands of planes take off and land every day without any ATC. 0 passenger impact from this, yet the news is out there literally scaring people over something they don't even know about.

    Scary! BOO! **** I hate the news media...

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