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    I think forced humbleness is a trend in BJJ, those guys orginally started to challenge other arts. I think humility is good but not exactly humbleness, staying open mindes to getting better IMO is not hunbleness.

    Just express your self!
    Martial arts are to better our selves, no psuedo humble attitude.

    I agree that some fighters are trying way too hard to sell fights and they aren't being their genuine self.
    You are right on all three. Some see forced humble attitude as 'dont be an asshole' sorta thing and some find out the hard when they get smashed by somone whos physique is average.

    When i first started this guy came and started same time as me. He had the venice beach look (tanned, muscled, macho ect). He got choked out by a chick half his size and stopped going to the bjj class. One of the guys heard him say "man no way i can tell my friends i got choked out by a chick". In this scenario he was defeated but his ego could not let him see humility. So yeah forced or not its really upto the persons mind.

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    I think when talking about this, it might be useful to separate fighting and training. In a fight, I'm sure confidence, ego and whatever is fine. Although on the other hand I think that humbleness in some measure is important for the actual training aspect of Martial Arts, after all it is also an 'art' and there is much to learn - and learning is much easier when coming from an open minded and humble attitude. As ego can get in the way of learning and logic :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawarma View Post
    Humility, you illiterate buffoons.
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