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    YMABS - Your Martial Arts Bag Sucks

    I've never been good at writing headlines, I leave that to my Editors.

    Not sure about your childhood, but in my youth, wearing a backpack was gay as ****, doubly so if you used it properly. At high school we used to have these carry bags that you had to throw over one shoulder. Even in those dark and regressive times of the mid 90s, the school was aware of the damage these things were doing to growing bodies and decreed that all year 7s (1st year of high school in Oz) had to wear backpacks. We called them veggies and relentlessly mocked them for being fortunate enough to grow without scoliosis.

    Times have changed, I am aware:

    In the last couple of years I've been carting this thing around with my gi, towel, change of clothes, a laptop, and more:

    It's taken me a while to come to terms with it, call it Sunken Cost Fallacy, but I've finally realised that this bag is the reason why (a) my back hurts, and (b) I can't sleep properly because my back hurts.

    Considering I am (forever) wanting to do a Jiu Jitsu Tour of Brazil and the US, I want a bag that I can "two-strap" that is big enough to pack everything in, comfortable as **** for those long distance hikes, while also maintaining my elite-level coolness that is legendary across all land and water.

    Suggestions would be welcome, alongside confirmations of my awesomeness.
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    I use this. https://www.thejiujitsushop.com/grip...sack-backpack/

    Has some internal zip pockets, 1 exterior one and undermeath has a large zip pouch that houses a pull over thing for when it rains. I took it everywhere i went when i was in tokyo.

    Also in high school i would 'dim sim' somones bag. Cos everyone would have their bag on the floor next to their feet. You would get their bag without them knowing. Take everything out, turn the bag inside out then put everything back in and re-zip it up. For those who dont know what a dim sim is https://www.anassisseafoods.com.au/p...ien-wah-brand/

    Its a chinese inspired dumpling that originated here in australia. Great either steamed or fried.


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