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    depends on the art. Bjj bb would be able to defeat the 5 fight boxer in most cases. The reason is most bb do or used to compete and it takes roughly 10 years to get one considering you keep training. The drop out rate is pretty high. Id say kyokushin karate would be another one but im not sure of the current state of their commmunity.
    It's small, but at least in IKO 4 you HAVE to compete in at least one national level tournament to be able to test for black belt. It's not as popular as BJJ, but I can't honestly think of a black belt that I've trained with that wouldn't give one of the competitors at one of the Muay Thai or MMA gyms I've trained at at least something to worry about standing.

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    weren't dan grades put in place to differentiate the noobs from the advanced students? So that's it.

    Now personally, I'd like to see that a black belt would manage to hold his/her own in an altercation, has sound understanding of the art, and is in proper shape.

    The comparison of 'a fight against a pro boxer' with five fights is a bit misleading: presumably the pro-boxer would have had more than enough amateur bouts under his belt. And comparing a hobbyist, however serious, against someone who dedicates his day to his profession, is not entirely fair, I'd say.

    As far as kids under 16/18 with a black belt: if I get into a dojoj and see those, I do an about face and head for the exit. Red flag for bullshit.
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