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    In terms of posture, I've usually done this as a response to someone standing when I'm looking for the triangle. This isn't really in my gi repertoire, but is a go to in nogi.

    In a nogi situation, how would we go about breaking the posture assuming I'm not chaining from a triangle or armlock attempt? Just high guard to a sudden invert when they stand?

    When finishing the kneelock: is it always bad form to keep the outside leg tucked into the opponent's hip? I've finished decent grapplers from here, but can see how it might be less secure, since I'm really relying on the knee pinch to keep the opponent's leg in place.

    What do you say Rayce? Feel like making another video for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BKR View Post
    I fixed that for you.

    Bait for what, to get arm-barred or swept ?
    Yes. And then escape the armbar... or not. Anyway you're not in closed guard anymore.

    No, I don't do that.
    There are some YT clips of a guy in your lineage, I believe, Mike Yackulic. I think you could find them useful.

    Look around, there are more.

    apparently it's called "dough kneading choke" or something like that in Portuguese, according to my coach.
    That's a good translation

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