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    I've had nothing but good luck with Fairtex gloves.

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    I suppose it really depends what you're going to use them for.

    They're grappling gloves to me, not meant for actually hitting anything. I don't care to have any that allow room for wraps, then again I simply keep mine after fights so its not like it was choice. I only use them to grapple(or to walk down the boardwalk and mack it with bitches after I let them know I "trane UFC.")

    This doesn't mean they cant or shouldn't be used for hitting or that someone is a "newb" because they do, but in a perfect world I'll use the following assortment of gloves:

    8oz gloves for bagwork and padwork.
    16oz gloves for sparring
    4oz gloves for grappling

    Hypothetically maybe you cant afford (or don't want to afford) buying several different pairs. Depending on how you intend to use them you may prefer some over others.

    An old pair of Harbinger gloves I had have a bar on the palm for a tighter fist and have extensions on the knuckles (to protect yours) for pad work and bag work. They also have a wrist strap design that goes around your wrist twice- something I particularly prefer. That's the pro. The con is that the palm isn't open and you have a small bar there as well making grappling a little less sensitive and a little more annoying. I've seen some "MMA Bag gloves" that look roughly the same as the 4oz but with added padding for intentions of pads and bags and whatnot. I have no experience with them so I cant offer an opinion.

    Fairtex and Everlast make some really really good gloves period- not just 4oz. The only thing I dislike is that its got a single wrist strap design which means theres not a lot of Velcro holding the wrist strap on. As the gloves age and the velco wears its a small pain in the ass to keep a roll of tape on hand so that you can tape them less they constantly come undone during training. That's why I like the ones that wrap the wrist twice- much more surface area for velco so you don't need to tape them.

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