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    Quote Originally Posted by BackFistMonkey View Post
    I am still trying to figure out what lesson Brock Lesnar was supposed to teach us all ...
    That Bud Light is only good when they're sponsoring you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterMR View Post
    Wouldn't it be faster to see what are the most common martial arts that show up in the background of succesful MMA fighters?
    For example, suppose that I say that a punch executed in such an such way, tipical of Nippon Kempo, is great for MMA, you would probably disbelieve me.
    Why? Because there aren't many MMA pratictioners who come from Nippon Kempo, so the idea that that specific kind of punch works might well be a brainfart of mine.
    So in the end the only thing you can do is to check what martial arts did people who had success at MMA do.
    Looking at what worked in the past is one way to see what was effective. It's a good thing that MMA fighters didn't stick to only that because the sport wouldn't have evolved. How do MMA fighters adapt their techniques and evolve the sport of MMA? They noticed the elements and characteristics that made up the already existing techniques that were most effective, and they created new techniques, or they integrated different techniques from different styles that have never been seen in MMA. Their new style and moves, ones that have never been used before, were so effective because 1. The techniques had never been seen before in MMA, so people weren't expecting them. 2. The techniques were solid, modeled upon the general elements that were displayed in the past techniques.

    So, you can say, these are the techniques that work(ed) well in MMA. Here's what they all have in common. Any techniques that share these commonalities must also be considered as possibilities for effective techniques. So, when the the Japanese guy from Brazil comes in and uses techniques that have never been seen before, you can tell if they will work in combat, depending on if they exhibit the same elements shared by technique that worked in the past.

    I'm pretty sure that this is how most things are intentionally created. Most creations and adaptations are accidents, some are inspired by the patterns that were observed in past successes, combining elements from different origins and creating new ways. Do we know it works? Not for certain, but there is only one way to truly find out for sure.

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