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    Well what you can suggest to the instructor is to give you a certificate of witness. A signed document which states the time you spent in his school. Not a rank but more a validation of your training hours, months and or years there. Or you can make the document and ask him to fill in the time youve spend in his school. And ask him to sign it, many instructors and coaches are very bussy people. Some people i know give a kind of rank system they do, after 6 months mma level 1, after twelve level 2, and so on. So the level number is more a validation of experience in the school. Many options, just talk to your instructor many he is open for it.
    Thanks, Michael! That's an interesting idea for sure - I would love to expand upon this idea and find some kind of middle ground between this and a log book as Neil suggested right after you. Something semi-formal that serves as both a practice record for yourself and a verification of training time. I'd love to hear more on your suggestion, specifically what kind of verbage you'd suggest!

    Neil: I'd love to get your thoughts on what kind of format would be best for a log!

    Thanks everyone!



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    Quote Originally Posted by Myn View Post
    Neil: I'd love to get your thoughts on what kind of format would be best for a log!
    Well, you are the one that is wanting this, so make the log whatever format you feel necessary. But if I were doing it, I would be a high-quality paper notebook that would stand up to banging around your gear/gym bag. I would have a front section that had a very basic log that listed the key things such as date, hours trained, type of training, location. You could write a whole year's training one line at a time on a few pages. If you wanted to be anal about proof, you could have the instructor sign or initial each entry. The next section could be a competition log, if you do that sort of thing. The next section might be a workout log, record exercises/reps/weights. Again, you could format that so that a whole year's training would fit into a few pages.

    Then the back section would be a training diary with detailed notes if necessary. If it was a normal class, maybe you wouldn't have much to say. If you attended a seminar, you might want detailed notes on what was taught. Maybe you want to go into detail about any competitions.

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    I'm just a little confused as to what the point is. If the point it just to keep track of what you are doing, then lots of people keep workout logs. I always found it helpful to write down what I did after every day just to mentally process my training. Format doesn't really matter. Most likely your format will change over time as you see things that helped vs things that didn't.

    But it seems like you want something from a teacher as a form of proof that you trained. In which I would say, who cares? Your training will be evident when you spar with people. You don't need a log book to wave at people to prove that you trained. Like you need recognition of what you have done or something. In the end, no one cares but you.
    Combatives training log.

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